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Rural waste surveys data analysis - Waikato and Bay of Plenty

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Report: TR 2014/55

Author: J Matthews (GHD Ltd)

About this report

The Waikato and Bay of Plenty regional councils undertook this study to determine if rural waste survey findings from Canterbury were representative of other regions in New Zealand.

The report builds on the survey work in Canterbury and assesses the volumes and types of rural wastes produced by rural activities in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. Specifically this report contributes towards building a national data set, identifies rural waste streams of concern and highlights the potential environmental risk of rural waste disposal activities. These are described as 3B practices (Burning, Burial and Bulk storage). 

Read or download the report

Rural waste surveys data analysis - Waikato and Bay of Plenty (7mb)


  Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose of this report 
1.2 Background to this report 
2 Methodology and survey design
2.1 Overview of programme 
2.2 Developing a survey programme 
2.3 Stakeholder workshop 
2.4 GIS screening targeting and consultation and route 
2.5 Data collection and site surveys 
2.6  Overview of level of service research 
2.7  Post-survey methodology
2.8  Survey wastes 
2.9  Assumptions 
2.10 Critiquing the survey programme
3 Results
3.1 Total farms surveyed 
3.2  The types of sites surveyed 
3.3  Farm practices observed 
3.4 Total farm wastes 
3.5 Waste totals for each rural activity 
3.6  Rural waste volumes by sector 
3.7 Totals by waste stream 
3.8  Responses to qualitative questions 
3.9  Level of service assessment 
3.10 Challenges encountered 
3.11 Comparing the regions 
4 Discussion and conclusions
4.1 Discussion of findings
4.2 Recommendations to consider
  Appendix A - Waste data
  Appendix B - Photographs
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