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Lake Taupō long-term monitoring programme: 2012-2013

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Report: TR 2014/34

Author: Dr M Gibbs (NIWA)

About this report

A long term monitoring programme of Lake Taupō’s water quality was commissioned by Waikato Regional Council in October 1994 in the expectation that the trophic state of the lake would change to reflect changes in land use within the lake's catchment. This programme is conducted by NIWA with field assistance from the Department of Internal Affairs, Taupō Harbourmaster’s Office. 

This report presents data from the routine mid-lake monitoring station from July 2012 to July 2013. Additional information for water clarity, temperature, and chlorophyll a collected between August 2013 and the time of writing this report has also been included in the data sets in the appendices.

Read or download the report

Lake Taupō long-term monitoring programme: 2012-2013 (6mb)


1 Executive summary
2 Introduction
3 Methods
3.1 Report contents
3.2 Statistical evaluation
3.3 "TREND" definition
4 Results and discussion
4.1 Temperature and dissolved oxygen
4.2 VHOD rate
4.3 Secchi depth
4.4 Phytoplankton
4.5 Deep chlorophyll maxima
4.6 Algal species abundance
4.7 Nutrients in the upper waters
4.8 Nutrient accumulation in the hypolimnion
4.9 Total mass accumulated
4.10 Net accumulation rate
4.11 Total N
5 Knowledge gaps
6 Summary
7 Acknowledgements
8 Glossary of abbreviations and terms
9 References
  Appendix 1: Site map, sampling strategy and methods
  Appendix 2: The calculation of VHOD rates
  Appendix 3: Temperature and dissolved oxygen data
  Appendix 4: Nutrient data
  Appendix 5: Phytoplankton data
  Appendix 6: Historical data
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