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The chemistry of waters of Te Aroha geothermal system

On this page: abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2013/07

Author: L M Murithi (University of Auckland)


Te Aroha geothermal system has been used for more than 100 years for several uses, including bathing, swimming and balneology. Previously there were more than 20 springs but this number has been halved in the intervening years.
The chemical surveys and analyses of the springs and determining the trends of the springs can be used to determine their potential application as well as their sustainability.

This project seeks to assess the chemistry of Te Aroha geothermal resource to determine the sustainability for continued production as well as assess the trends of the geothermal fluid.

The chemistry of waters of Te Aroha geothermal system (2mb)

Table of contents

  Introduction 1
  History of the system 2
  Objectives of the report 6
  Previous works 7
  The Te Aroha geothermal system 11
  Location 11
  The resource 12
  Geology 15
  Chemistry 17
  Methodology 20
  Geothermometers 20
  Silica (quartz) thermometers 21
  Cation thermometers 22
  Classification of thermal waters 23
  Cl-SO4-HCO3 ternary diagram 23
  Na-K-Mg triangular diagram 24
  Cl-Li-B ternary diagram 25
  Results and discussion 26
  Conclusion 29
  Recommendations 29
  Appendix A - bore logs 33
  Appendix B - Geothermal water quality site description sheet 36


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