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The Waikato regional geothermal resource

On this page: Abstract, table of contents

Report: TR 2012/10

Author: K Luketina


The Waikato region contains approximately 70 per cent of the nation’s geothermal resources.  Waikato Regional Council is responsible for sustainable management of the regional geothermal resource. 

This report provides an overview of the nature, extent and condition of the regional geothermal resource, and its current and potential uses.

The Waikato regional geothermal resource

Table of contents

  Abstract 3
1 Management of geothermal resources 4
2 Description of geothermal resources 4
2.1 Definitions 4
2.2 Characteristics of the regional geothermal resource 6
3 Geothermal resources of New Zealand 8
4 Geothermal resources of the Waikato region 9
4.1 Geothermal systems of the Waikato region 9
4.2 Geothermal features of the Waikato region 13
5 Uses of the regional geothermal resource 15
5.1 Large-scale extractive uses 16
5.2 Adverse effects on geothermal features 17
5.3 Adverse effects on the environment from extractive uses 19
6 Sustainability, renewability and efficiency 20
6.1 Reinjection and injection 23
6.2 Information management 23
7 Waikato Regional Council reports 25
  Bibliography 27
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