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Priorities for Pest Plant and Animal Control and Fencing at Geothermal Sites

Report: TR 2006/18
Author: Chris Bycroft, Sarah Beadel, Wildland Consultants Ltd.


The objective of this project was to undertake a desktop evaluation using existing information on geothermal sites in the Waikato region (including: Geothermal Vegetation of the Waikato Region: Wildland Consultants Contract Report No. 896 - Revised 2004) as the basis for the following:

  • Rank sites in order of priority for weed control, fencing needs, and pest animal control (if deemed relevant).
  • Provide written advice on the weed species that are of highest priority for control, and any relevant recommendations or considerations regarding their methods in geothermal environments.

Ranking of sites as priority for weed, fencing and animal pest control is likely to take into account:

  • the overall value of the site (significance ranking)
  • specific values (e.g. vulnerable threatened species) as risk because of weeds, stock or animal pests
  • land tenure (sites managed by concessionaires for tourism purposes and sites where restoration is required as mitigation measures funded by geothermal energy companies can be excluded from consideration)
  • potential effectiveness/cost effectiveness of the management effort.

Priorities for Pest Plant and Animal Control, and Fencing at Geothermal Sites in the Waikato Region
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1. Introduction 1
2. Objectives 1
3. Methods 2
4. Results 4
4.1 Summary 4
4.2 Pest plants 5
4.3 Pest animals and stock control 5
4.4 Management priority tables 5
Acknowledgements 11
References 12
Appendix 1. Threats to geothermal sites in Waikato region – pest plants, pest animals, and grazing (stock) 13

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