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Irrigation efficiency and water allocation in the Waihou catchment

Report: TR05/09
Author: Aqualinc Research Ltd


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of irrigation water use and allocation in the Waihou Catchment. It follows on from similar work for other parts of the Waikato Region. It will further extend the understanding of water use and allocation in the Region and contribute to the development of water management policy and planning.

The surface water resources of the Waihou Catchment are close to full allocation. Future demand for surface water will need to be met from improvements in efficiency of current water uses and allocations. Irrigation accounts for 50 percent of the daily take, and therefore any improvements in on-farm water use and/or allocations will be a major benefit. This is applicable to not only the Waihou Catchment, but also to other catchments where water resources are a constraint to future development.

Irrigation Efficiency and Water Allocation in the Waihou Catchment
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Table of Contents

Executive summary v
1 Introduction 1
1.1 Previous work 1
1.2 Study description 2
1.3 Waihou Catchment 2
1.4 Information and data sources 4
2 Irrigation efficiency 4
2.1 Irrigation efficiency 5
2.2 Case study farms 5
2.3 System irrigation efficiency 6
2.3.1 Results 6
2.3.2 Improving efficiency 7
2.4 Seasonal irrigation efficiency 8
2.4.1 Results and issues 8
3 Water use efficiency 10
3.1 Irrigation demand 10
3.2 Pasture response 11
3.3 Cost benefits analysis 11
4 Allocation efficiency and options 13
4.1 Peak and seasonal irrigation demand 14
4.2 Allocation efficiency 15
4.3 Alternative allocation options 17
5 Conclusions 18
6 Key issues and constraints 19
7 References 20
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