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Fan delta development on the western coast of the Coromandel Peninsula

Report: TR 2016/37

Author: Dr Mark Dickson & Dr Jon Tunnicliffe (Auckland Uniservices Limited)

About this report

The purpose of this report was to summarise the existing scientific information and knowledge gaps that are important with respect to the understanding and management of the fan deltas along the west Coromandel coastline. The report provides a summary of delta development and highlights 6 knowledge gaps that future research efforts should address.

Read or download the report

Fan delta development on the western coast of the Coromandel Peninsula [PDF, 2.5 MB]


1 Introduction 5
2 Review: Holocene sea-level and sedimentation history in the Firth of Thames 8
2.1 Tectonic and geologic setting 11
2.2 Sediment yield 11
3 Holocene sedimentation in the Firth of Thames 12
4 Model of fan-delta growth 15
5 Modern processes influencing fan delta morphology 19
5.1 The Coromandel catchments 19
5.2 Sub-tidal sedimentation processes 21
5.3 Fan-delta coastal processes 21
5.4 Decadal-scale shoreline changes 23
5.5 Event-driven controls on delta morphology = 24
6 Knowledge gaps 24
6.1 Geophysical investigation 26
6.2 Fan-delta monitoring 26
6.3 Numerical modelling 27
7 References 28
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