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Waikato progress indicators – Tupuranga Waikato

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Report: TR 2016/09

Author: Beat Huser and Paul Killerby

About this report

This document summarises the latest results from the Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato (WPI) monitoring programme, published in March 2016. The WPI is an online dashboard of 32 environmental, social and economic indicators of a range of societal wellbeings, click here to see the indicators

This 2016 WPI update compares the latest results for each of the WPI indicators with their 2007 baseline results, measuring regional progress over approximately 7-8 years to date. Around half of the WPI indicators also have historical data going back to 2001 or earlier, giving a longer-term view where available. The aim is to inform the Waikato public, planners and decision-makers of genuine progress against key indicators of wellbeing.

The March 2016 data update incorporates a number of WPI indicator changes to harmonise where appropriate with other monitoring programmes (refer Appendix 1). This includes changes that allow better regional and national comparisons around people’s surveyed perceptions of personal safety, health and physical activity. Additional background and technical information about the WPI is available from Waikato Regional Council (e.g. Killerby and Huser 2014).

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Waikato progress indicators – Tupuranga Waikato - April 2016 Summary (1MB)


1 Purpose  
2 Background 1
3 Latest results 4
4 Next steps 9
  References 10
Appendix 1 Review of WPI indicators 2015-16 11
Appendix 2 The Waikato Progress Indicators 12
Appendix 3 WPI time series data 2001 to 2015 15