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Regional flood response management plan

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Report: TR 2016/01

Author: Adam Munro and Angus McKenzie (Place Group Limited)

About this report

The Waikato Regional Council (the council) has a strong legislative and community driven mandate to manage (and monitor) flood risk and the impacts of flood events within the Region. It is critical that the organisation is able to effectively respond to events to minimise risks to people, livestock, property and significant infrastructure.

 This Regional Flood Response Management Plan guides the effective coordination and deployment of all council staff involved in flood event response and remediation activities. 

The Regional Flood Response Management Plan is a strategic level document that formalises the management structure for response and remediation and sets out;

  • Council’s key roles and responsibilities in responding to flood event/s.
  • The stages of flood event response and remediation and the formal transition points between each stage.
  • Thresholds and triggers used to determine flood response scale.
  • Consistent management structures for each stage that are modular, scalable and flexible so they can be tailored to any scale of flood response.
  • Individual roles, responsibilities and delegations within each structure.
  • Key lines of communication during response and remediation.
  • The flood debrief process and responsibilities.

Read or download the report

Regional flood response management plan (737 kb)


1 Purpose
2 Key strategic drivers
3 Plan scope
4 Principles and development process
5 Key supporting documents
6 Staus and review
7 Roles and responsibilities
8 Response management phases
9 Flood response management
10 Remediation
11 Flood event debrief and review
12 Further recommendations
13 Plan implementation, monitoring and review