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Soil Stability and Disturbance in the Matahuru Catchment – Changes from 2002 to 2007

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Report: TR 2011/08
Author: A B Thompson (Thelton Environmental Ltd) and D L Hicks


The Waikato Regional Council has requested an assessment of the extent of erosion and soil conservation measures in a catchment that is representative of the region’s Lower Waikato management zone. This zone encompasses the Waikato river and tributaries downstream of Taupiri.   The assessment is intended to assist the Waikato Regional Council with upcoming discussions with the community as to the future promotion of catchment protection programmes in the zone.   Matahuru was previously selected as a representative catchment by Waikato Regional Council staff in 2000, because its size, landforms and land use are typical of tributaries draining towards the Lower Waikato.

The Waikato Regional Council contracted Mr. A.B. Thompson (Thelton Environmental) to undertake the assessment, with involvement of sub-contractors as needed. The assessment was undertaken as a point sample from aerial photographs. This is now a standard method for assessing erosion and erosion control measures, used by EW as well as other regional councils.

The report starts with an overview of soil stability, soil disturbance and bare soil.   It then gives results from the 2007 assessment of land use and soil conservation measures for Matahuru, and compares them with results from a previous survey in 2002. 

Soil Stability and Disturbance in the Matahuru Catchment – Changes from 2002 to 2007 (84 kb)

Table of contents

  Acknowledgements i
  Executive summary iv
1 Introduction 1
2 Method 1
3 Soil stability, soil disturbance and bare soil 2
3.1 Soil stability 1
3.2 Soil disturbance 3
3.3 Bare soil 3
4 Land uses' extent and effect catchment-wide 4
5 Soil conservation cover's extent and effect catchment-wide 5
6 Conclusions 6
  References 8
  Appendices 9
Appendix A Data Summary Tables for Matahuru Catchment 9
Appendix B Data Summary Tables for Lower Waikato Zone 14