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Water Management Study of Four Municipal Water Supplies

Report: TR2005/60
Author: Aqualinc Research Limited


The purpose of this study is to investigate allocation issues (takes and discharges) associated with municipal water supplies in the Waikato region. It follows on from a previous study that investigated improvements to Environment Waikato's water allocation processes and procedures.

The scope of this study is to compare actual water use against consented rates for determination of allocation utilisation, to determine the contribution of water discharges, and to determine the potential impact of allocation restrictions during periods of low flows on supply availability. The study has been conducted using four 'case' towns; Hamilton, Te Awamutu, Tairua and Morrinsville as representative of the range of water supply and discharge issues for municipal supplies in the region.

Water Management Study of Four Municipal Water Supplies
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Table of contents

Executive summary 1
1 Introduction 3
1.1 Project outline 3
1.2 Previous work 3
2 Study methodology 4
3 Supply systems 4
4 Water use 7
4.1 Hamilton 7
4.2 Te Awamutu 10
4.3 Tairua 12
4.4 Morrinsville 14
5 Discharges 15
5.1 Hamilton 15
5.2 Te Awamutu 16
5.3 Tairua 17
5.4 Morrinsville 17
6 Conclusions 19
7 References 20