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Report a Native Bird Sighting

If you see a korimako (bellbird), kākā, kererū, tūī or kārearea (New Zealand falcon) in the Waikato region, we would like to know.

These birds are relatively easily recognised, and can be found throughout the Waikato. They are important to the native ecosystem functioning as they are key distributors and pollinators of native plants. They can also help act as ‘bioindicators’ of ecosystem health.

Visit the Department of Conservation website for more information on korimakokākākererūtūī and kārearea.

The information you provide will help us to monitor bird distribution and identify and investigate any patterns that might occur. Of particular interest is the birds coming into Hamilton city as part of our Hamilton Halo operation. Maps of sightings each season will be published.

Tūī and bellbird sighting location information may be passed on to Landcare Research for research purposes only. Bellbird sighting location information may be also be passed onto the University of Waikato for research purposes.


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Bellbird sightings
If you've seen a bellbird, did it have a band on its leg?
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