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Our other rivers

Photograph of the Ohinemuri River, Karangahake

Apart from the Waikato and Waipā rivers there are three major rivers in the region. These are the:

  • Piako
  • Waihou
  • Mokau.

There are also many smaller rivers and streams.

Find out about what lives in our rivers and streams. Check out our information on aquatic pests in the Waikato River.

Looking after our rivers and streams

Waikato Regional Council measures water quality every month at 100 river and stream sites in the region, including five sites on the Waipā River, and at 10 sites on the Waikato River. We also survey stream habitat at 125 river and stream sites, including the plants, insects, fish and other animals that make up stream life in the Waikato region.

Find out more about how we measure water quality. Use our map of monitoring sites to check out water quality in your local area.

Measuring stream health helps Waikato Regional Council to judge the success of our environmental management programmes. We develop policy on how we will address the issues and activities affecting water quality in the Waikato. We also encourage people to understand their place within the environment, to participate in environmental activities and learn about their environment.

For policy information on rivers and streams check out the  Regional Plan (water module) and Regional Policy Statement (water).