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  Environment » Natural Resources » Geothermal resources

GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES: Find out more about the valuable geothermal resources in the Waikato.

GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS MAP: Find out more about the main geothermal fields in the Waikato region.

CLASSIFYING GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS: Learn more about how we classify systems based on their natural values.

GEOTHERMAL TOURISM: The Waikato is home to internationally important geothermal sites visited by both domestic and international tourists. 

ENERGY AND EXTRACTION: Geothermal energy is an important contributor to New Zealand’s electricity supply.

WHAT'S LIVING IN THERE? Our geothermal areas are home to distinct and unique collections of plants, animals and micro-organisms. 

CHANGING LAND USE: Find out more about how the development of geothermal areas is increasing. 

INFERNO CRATER, WAIMANGU VALLEY: Take a look at the Inferno Crater webcam, the largest geyser-like geothermal feature in the world.

FRYING PAN LAKE, WAIMANGU VALLEY: Take a look at the Frying Pan Lake webcam, one of the world's largest hot pools.

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