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Coastal Water Quality

Our coastal waters

Our coastal environments are highly valued for their recreation, food gathering, conservation, and commercial opportunities. It is important that we understand the quality of the water in these environments so we can make good decisions on managing our coastal and marine area. We carry out a number of surveys, investigations, and monitoring programmes to keep an eye on how our coastal waters are doing.


What we do

Recreational water quality monitoring


Estuarine water quality monitoring


We monitor a number of popular open coast beaches weekly during the summer months to assess the suitability of the water for recreation such as swimming and surfing. We monitor some key estuaries monthly throughout the year to assess ecosystem health (suitability of the water for the plants and animals that live there).


Water quality investigations and research

From time to time we carry out water quality investigations and research. These may be in response to water quality issues or to better understand how water quality is affected by different environmental conditions.


Want to know more?

Read some of our technical reports and publications.