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Upgrade to clean heating appliance

Heat pumps

Many New Zealanders are choosing heat pumps for their energy efficiency – on average for every $1 of electricity you pay you get $4 worth of heat. Heat pumps have zero emissions so are a great choice to clean up the air.

Pellet burner

Enjoy the look of a wood burner with no chopping and stacking wood! Pellet burners burn compressed wood pellets which are made from sawmill waste – burning pellets is a form of recycling! Pellet burners have running costs comparable to heat pumps and extremely low emissions.


Gas heaters can provide instant and easily adjustable heat. Gas is clean burning and has running costs just slightly higher than a heat pump. Make sure you choose flued gas – unflued can fill your house with nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide as well as water vapour which can make your house damp.

NES approved burner

Modern wood burners that meet the NES emissions requirements are available. The type, dryness and size of the wood, along with the way the burner is operated and maintained, can all affect the burner’s emissions and efficiency.

There are several heating schemes to help you upgrade to a clean heating appliance. Find out if one is right for you.