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Smart wood burner use

Reduce wood burner use

  • Make your home more energy efficient:
    • insulate your ceilings and walls
    • cover your windows at night - for example, curtains, blinds
    • use floor coverings and ‘draught sausages’ to reduce cold draughts.
  • Try putting on an extra layer of clothing.

Burn the right way

  • Choose the right fuel.
  • Use enough kindling to get a hot fire going as quickly as possible.
  • Scrunch up two or three sheets of newspaper and place on top of the kindling – they will burn quickly, heat the flue and get a draught going to oxygenate the fire.
  • Light small, hot fires. Add only a little fuel at a time – a half-full burner is about right.
  • Run a hot fire before turning it down, to produce less smoke and combustion gases.
  • Place two or three smaller logs in your burner, rather than one big one – they give off more heat. Place logs about 2 cm apart and 5-10 cm back from the door – allowing air to flow down to the base of the fire.
  • Give your fire more air:
    • if you can see smoke coming out of your chimney
    • when putting more fuel on the fire – keep the air controls fully open for 15-20 minutes after adding fuel.

More tips for good burning:

Maintain your wood burner

  • Clean out your firebox regularly and keep it in good working order.
  • Clean your flue regularly and check its condition each year.