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PM10 Morrinsville

The information on this page is provisional, and has not been checked using the council's quality assurance procedures. Please note that the three day PM10 graph is a point-in-time measurement and not directly comparable to the national environmental standard for PM10, which is based on a 24 hour average.

Waikato Regional Council monitors fine particle (PM10) levels in the air. The majority of PM10 in the Waikato comes from home fires, mainly from burning wood. PM10 can cause respiratory problems, especially for asthmatics, children and the elderly, and can result in hospital admissions and premature mortality in sensitive people. The National Environmental Standard for air quality requires that there is no more than one exceedance per year of the PM10 threshold of 50µg m-3 as a 24 hour average.

Find out more about this airshed in the corresponding airshed map.

Air quality for:

Air quality for the last 12 months at Hamilton
Interesting facts
Number of exceedances this calendar year  0
Maximum 24 hour concentration this calendar year (µg m-3)  28
Date of last exceedance  N/A
Site information
Site name Morrinsville
Site number 3139.1
Map reference NZTopo50 Grid BE34:180:019 (NZTM)

Air quality at this site is measured every 10 minutes

For the purposes of defining an exceedence daily average concentrations are rounded to the nearest whole number.