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Social and economic: monitoring and reporting

Photo of rural family

We depend on the environment to meet our physical, economic, cultural and spiritual needs. Our actions put pressures on the environment and its ability to sustain essential life-supporting processes.

Waikato Regional Council regularly monitors and reports on the relationships between our region's people, economy and environment.

Our indicators below summarise the results of our science and monitoring programmes, and provide a holistic report on the state of the Waikato region's communities and environment.

Header - Indicators    

Communities and their views

Environmental attitudes
Attitudes to environmental regulation
Environmental knowledge
Public environmental actions
Personal environmental actions
Environmental concerns
Satisfaction with the environment


Community characteristics

Educational qualifications
Population structure
Population growth
Unemployment rate
Natural hazards awareness and readiness



Landcare groups
Energy use
Total energy consumption
Ecological footprint
Transport to work
Dealing with contaminated sites



Employment by industry sector
Household income