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Land use change rule

The land use change rule is in effect now. Changing the use of land on a property to a more intensive activity may require a resource consent. The land use change rule applies when the new land use is more intensive than the land use on 22 October 2016, and when the net area exceeds 4.1ha.

Land intensification includes:

land use change rule diagram

*Dairy farming means farming of dairy cows on a milking platform for milk production.

Landowners can still apply to council for consent to change land use, but resource consent applications will generally only be granted if the new land use can be shown to have lower losses of nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment and bacteria than the previous land use.

If you are planning to change land use, you are encouraged to contact Waikato Regional Council to discuss your specific situation. Have questions about the land use change rule? Check out our FAQs.