Constituencies and candidate information

Select a constituency from the blocks below to see photos of the candidates and read their statements, as well as to get the preliminary results from voting. Just click on the 'Candidates' button under the block.

Constituency maps and boundaries

You can either look at the maps at the bottom of this page for a broad overview of boundaries or you can use our interactive mapping tool. To use the mapping tool:

  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the Constituencies list in the right hand menu
  • deselect (un-tick) the constituency type option that doesn't apply (either General or Māori).
  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the required constituency type, and view its boundary colours 
  • enter your address in the Search for address field (top right of screen).
  • The map will then show your property in the correctly coloured location.
  • You can zoom in and out of the map, using the + and - buttons, and move around using the arrow buttons or by click and dragging the map.