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Video: Local elections 2019 - Waikato Regional Council

Local elections 2019 - Waikato Regional Council

Video 2 - Candidate rules

Local elections 2019 - Candidate rules

Video 3 - Elected councillors

Local elections 2019 - Elected councillors

Information provided to candidates during pre-election

Explanation: Information requested by candidates or political parties during the pre-election period from 12 July to 12 October 2019, will be made available to the public below.
Local authority election statistics

The Department of Internal Affairs compiles the statistics for local authority elections, which are held every three years. The information includes the number and types of votes for each constituency in the Waikato Region (and all other regions), voter turnout, and other statistics (link here).

Meet the candidate sessions

Further to your query with our Electoral Officer, regarding meet the candidate sessions across the Hamilton Constituency.  We have not had any approaches from any organisations to help promote any sessions, such as you have seen on the Hamilton website, so therefore we do not have a list of organisations running any sessions specific for regional council candidates. I have however reviewed the list of sessions on Hamilton’s webpage and have identified the following as possibly appropriate for you to attend:

Wheel of Fortune : The Climate Edition – Hosted by Go Eco

This states that it is for all Hamilton electorate candidates for local and regional councils.

Whilst there may be others happy for you to attend, most of the sessions identified relate specifically to Hamilton City Council candidates.

 Request for data

Requests for data from candidates or other parties, are to be directed to