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Strategic direction 2016-2019

Cover of strategic directionIn December 2016, Waikato Regional Council adopted a new strategic direction to guide work over the current council’s term. To ensure we continue to effectively address current issues, we review our strategic direction at the start of each new council term.

You can read the summary strategic direction document below:

Waikato Regional Council's strategic direction 2016-19 [PDF, 570 KB] - summary document 

You can read the full strategic direction document below.

Waikato Regional Council's strategic direction 2016-19 [PDF, 882 KB] - full document 

Vision for the region

The Waikato cares locally, competes globally

Waikato Regional Council’s mission

Working together to build a Waikato region that has a healthy environment, a strong economy and vibrant communities

Our priority areas

Waikato Regional Council will focus attention on these seven priority areas, while continuing to deliver on our business as usual work.

  • Support communities to take action on agreed outcomes
  • Forge and strengthen partnerships to achieve positive outcomes for the region
  • Positively influence future land use choices to ensure long term sustainability
  • Manage freshwater more effectively to maximise regional benefit
  • Increase communities’ understanding of risks and resilience to change
  • Enhance the value of the region’s coasts and marine area
  • Shape the development of the region so it supports our quality of life

Waikato Progress Indicators - are we on track?

Waikato Regional Council wants to improve the quality of life for all people living in our region.

To help us do that, we’ve just completed a study which gives a picture of how well we are living, how healthy our environment is and how well our regional economy is tracking.

The information will help us make decisions to protect our environment, grow the economy and support communities so that everyone can benefit from the quality of life most of us enjoy now. Some information can also be used to track how we’re doing against New Zealand overall, as well as some select regions.

Known as the Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato, the study tracks trends from 2001, with a particular focus on the period since 2006/07. The region’s ‘scorecard’ shows a mix of improving and worsening trends across 32 indicators. In some cases, there’s been no change.

There are a number of complex issues the Waikato is facing – there is increased pressure on land and water resources, Auckland’s growth will have spillover effects for the region, and the population has stopped growing in some parts of the Waikato as people migrate to urban centres. Our council is also grappling with the issue of an ageing population with a decreasing ability to afford rates increases.

That’s why we are supporting the implementation of an economic development strategy for the region and the development of The Waikato Plan through the Waikato Mayoral Forum. The strategy and plan will provide a comprehensive and effective long-term approach to improve the region’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing – which is what the regional council is all about.