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The Lake Taupō Protection Trust

The Lake Taupō Protection Trust was set up in February 2007 to administer the $81.5 million fund to protect Lake Taupō's excellent water quality, which is under threat from the effects of past and current land use activities.

The Trust is charged with developing a programme of work that will reduce the amount of manageable nitrogen leaching into the lake by 20 per cent.

It will use the funds to encourage and assist land use change, to purfchase land/nitrogen in the Lake Taupō catchment and to fund any other initiatives that assist land owner to reduce the nitrogen impact of their activities on Lake Taupō.


The Lake Taupō Protection Trust can be contacted on the details below if you are interested in any of the work they do or
assistance they can provide.
Location: 8 Beale Street, Hamilton, PO Box 4177
Hamilton East, Hamilton.
Phone: 07 839 0991.

Website: The Lake Taupō Protection Trust