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Tai-ranga-whenua means “ To weave the land and the sea”.

Tai-ranga-whenua is also the name of Waikato Regional Council's iwi relationships team. We strive for outcomes that support partnership and collaboration with Māori, and we engage with iwi primarily through this team. 

Our Tai-ranga-whenua staff all have experience in tikanga and matauranga Māori, and are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening a shared relationship with Waikato iwi. They carry out a number of important functions:

  • Help build cultural competency across the organisation to enable staff to build enduring relationships with iwi.
  • Create effective relationships with iwi that are equitable, transparent and mutually beneficial.
  • Ensure iwi/Māori values and perspectives are part of council decisions.
  • Contribute to Māori community outcomes.
  • Contribute to the council objectives.
  • Contribute to improving overall outcomes for the community as a whole.

Tai-ranga-whenua's activities include:

  • engaging iwi for planning and policy development
  • consulting with iwi on resource consent applications and resource management issues
  • fulfilling co-governance requirements as defined by the Strategic Direction for Waikato Regional Council.

Tirohanga whānui - Vision

Pupurutia te hononga roa ā iwi, mā te kōrero ngātahi, te whakaaro kotahi, e pūmau ai te kotahitanga

 Preserve long term relationships with iwi through effective engagement and enduring partnerships.

The critical role of this team across the organisation is recognised by its representation on the Executive Leadership Team through the Pou Tūhono (Programme Manager). The Vision emphasises inclusivity thereby ensuring that all the council responsibilities to iwi are not only successfully met but support council’s strategic intent and assure long term effectiveness. 


The Mission statement for the team is about the need for unity, expressed in the belief that all parties are on this journey together and that none shall be left behind.

The team’s mission is:

 Ko te waka o te kotahitanga, he waka ngāwari te rere

 A canoe of collaboration and mutual beneficial partnerships for all.

Contact us

For enquiries with regard to matters of iwi/hapū interest in resource management please use our online form.

Staff member Role
Rangi Hetet Kaiāwhina - Administrative support
Nevada Huaki-Foote Kaiāwhina –  Tauira
Michael Carey Kaiwhakarite – Co-management, Learning and Development
Tutahanga Douglas Kaiwhakarite – Policy and Strategy
Roger Lewis Kaiwhakarite – Policy and Strategy


For after hours enquires and/or emergency response please call 0800 800 401.