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Regional council confirms fish farming tender

Waikato regional councillors have confirmed the go ahead for a tender round for the use of fish farming space in the Coromandel Marine Farming Zone off the north-west Coromandel coast.

Support for streamlining of pest control

Waikato Regional Council is supporting central Government plans to streamline the regulatory regime for pest control nationally, saying it will improve efficiency and generate significant cost savings locally.

Watch out for wild weather

2pm update
People around the Waikato region are being urged to keep a close eye on the elements this weekend as an unpredictable weather pattern approaches.

Flights to look for signs of kauri dieback

The fight against the spread of kauri dieback is taking to the air later this month as Waikato Regional Council checks west coast and north Waikato areas for signs of the disease which has been killing our forest giants.

Skipper fined and warned after Tairua capsize

A fine and a formal warning have been handed out to the skipper of a boat which capsized while crossing the Tairua bar, meaning he and his two passengers had to be rescued by emergency responders.

Graham’s Creek works handle recent rough weather

New flood protection works being carried out at Graham’s Creek on the Coromandel have already been reaping benefits for the local community, including during last month’s major downpour which caused widespread problems.

Regional council to consider tender for fish farming space

Interest in starting a fish farming venture in the Hauraki Gulf has prompted Waikato Regional Council to consider calling for tenders for the use of space in the Coromandel Marine Farming Zone off the north-west Coromandel coast.