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Published: 2003-05-29 00:00:00

Environment Waikato’s youngest submitter presents his views on protecting natural heritage to the Council’s Draft Annual Plan Hearings Committee this week.

Daryll Pinfold, aged 12 of Cambridge is a member of the Tree Trust and made a submission to the Council’s Draft Annual Plan asking it to take a more active role in protecting natural heritage. He said the Council should stop native forest destruction and protect rare native plants and animals.

In his submission he says every district should have “at least 45 percent of native forest. The Waikato has at least 10 percent and there should be more”. To make his point, Daryll also sent in $5 to start the ball rolling. The Council had asked if ratepayers would be willing to contribute an extra $3-$5 a year to protect natural heritage.

Councillor Barry O’Connor, representing the Waipa Constituency, said the Council was delighted to receive Daryll’s submission. “Decisions we are making today will affect the quality of life for Daryll’s generation. We need to hear their views.”

Daryll’s $5 will be held in trust until a decision is made about the Council’s future role in natural heritage and could be put towards the first project.