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Published: 2013-11-01 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council’s incoming chief executive Vaughan Payne has signalled an organisational restructure over the next six to 12 months as a result of a ‘fit-for-purpose’ review.

Mr Payne has briefed the new council and staff on the findings of the first stage of the review. 

Launched three months ago, the review aims to ensure Waikato Regional Council has the right strategy, structure, people and operating effectiveness and efficiency to meet its obligations and challenges over the next four years.

The objectives of the review include:

  • confirming the strategic direction
  • understanding the requirements of key stakeholders
  • checking whether existing work programmes are fit for purpose
  • achieving better alignment between the organisational and council committee structures
  • increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • implementing change with minimum impact on staff engagement and customer service.

In line with the ‘purpose’ part of the review, at its inaugural meeting yesterday the council confirmed a draft mission statement “working with others to build a Waikato region that has a healthy environment, a strong economy and vibrant communities now and for the future”.

Mr Payne said the initial findings of the review indicated the organisation needed to change to be fit to deliver on that purpose. While it is too early to know exactly what the impact will be, it is expected most jobs will be unaffected. Where jobs are changed, staff will be offered redeployment if possible.

“Over the past three months a small team has been gathering information from surveys, benchmarking with other regional councils, and interviews with staff and other stakeholders,” Mr Payne said.

“We’ve found we do a lot of things really well - where we are fit for purpose - but there are other areas we need to work on so that we’re in better shape to deliver on our purpose.

“In particular, we need to realign the structure so we can provide more efficient and effective services.”

Mr Payne said the next steps of the review would be to restructure the organisation, starting with the top management layer. The redesign would take into account the most effective and efficient way to deliver customer services, strategic and technical leadership, engagement with stakeholders and partners and business improvement.