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Published: 2004-06-03 00:00:00

Cars stopped at highway service stations and rest stops will receive a small reminder to slow down this long weekend.

A tiny sticker of a police car will be attached to car wing mirrors so it looks at first glance as though a patrol car is right behind. The sticker peels off to reveal the message “thanks for slowing down”. The stickers will be backed up by billboards along highways with the same message, which is directed at holiday traffic.

State highway police and Environment Waikato staff will be distributing the stickers over the next few days. It’s the final part of a three-part campaign by Environment Waikato to slow drivers down. The first part – a controversial poster of a small girl left under windscreens in car parks – won a major international advertising award in New York last month.

The second part was a series of “Spot the difference” ads in newspapers showing the different perceptions of drivers at 50 kph and 60 kph when a small child runs out from between parked cars.

Environment Waikato road safety marketing manager Barnaby Bates said by distributing the stickers at key points around the Region before the long weekend, the message would be exposed to both local and visiting drivers.

Fifty two people died on the Region’s roads in 2003 and the Region had one of the worst road safety records in the country. The number of vehicles on the road increased dramatically at holiday weekends, with a corresponding increase in fatalities and injuries.