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Published: 2003-12-24 00:00:00

A bit of everything is predicted for the country’s weather over the summer break.

Environment Waikato says predictions for the Christmas season are a little windier from the south west, normal or slightly cooler temperatures, drier than normal in the north of the North Island and east of the South Island. Everywhere else is likely to have normal rainfall with average temperatures in the North Island. The south is likely to be a little cooler.

And those cyclones which caused havoc amongst the campers and holiday makers between Christmas and New Year a few years back? There’s a “near-average” risk of a tropical cyclone coming within 500 km of New Zealand during the November to April cyclone season.
The tropical Pacific is in a neutral state – neither El Nino or La Nina – through to early autumn next year.

Meanwhile, Environment Waikato is double checking its emergency arrangements for the summer break. Staff are on call for any events, including environmental incidents and bad weather, throughout the holiday season.

If you’re on holiday, watch the weather, listen to the radio and be flexible in your plans. Take an emergency kit if you are going camping or to the bach, with candles and torches, wet weather clothing and extra canned food if you are likely to be in an isolated spot.

Let people know where you’re going if you’re tramping, or heading out for a spot of fishing and make sure you have extra clothing and food, just in case.