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Published: 2013-09-16 00:00:00

With spring and its associated strong weed growth, Coromandel residents are being reminded not to dump weeds on roadsides or lay-bys, reserve areas and dunes.

“Spring is a time for getting back into the garden and tidying up unwanted vegetation,” said Waikato Regional Council’s Whitianga-based pest plant officer Benson Lockhart.

“Weeds should be disposed of responsibly at official refuse transfer stations. Many can also be composted at home.

“New Zealand’s legacy of ‘garden escapes’ have occurred when garden waste is dumped in natural areas such as roadsides, lay-bys, reserves and dunes and results in the weedy plants taking over.

“Any illegal roadside dumping by people who can’t be bothered doing things right can be hazardous to other road users and pedestrians.

“It’s pretty selfish really in that it just transfers the problem somewhere else and can make roadside areas unsafe for parking or walking on.

“The dumped weeds can also take hold and smother native vegetation.”

Mr Lockhart said weeds dumped recently at the Aldermen’s Lookout, on the Coromandel’s east coast, had climbing asparagus in it.

“This is a weed that can literally smother native bush. We need to dispose of our garden waste responsibly to ensure that weeds like this don’t get established in our forest parks.”

For further advice on weed disposal call Mr Lockhart on 0800 800 401 or email