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Published: 2011-04-26 00:00:00

Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group is urging residents to be alert for the impacts of strong winds that are currently buffeting the region, particularly Taupo and South Waikato.

The winds – which have brought down trees, lifted roofs and cut power – are forecast to continue through until Wednesday morning.

Extensive power cuts in Taupo today have affected local council water pumps and residents are being asked to conserve water to help reduce demand on reservoirs.

The power cuts should be kept in mind by people planning to go to or pass through Taupo. Power in the town may be out overnight.

Group controller Scott Fowlds said there was potential for further wind-related problems.

“We urge people to do what they can to ensure property won’t be blown away by the wind and to be alert for wind-blown objects and any damage caused by the gusts we’re experiencing.

“All power lines should be treated as live at all times and people are advised to avoid unnecessary travel on the roads.

“If people do experience difficulties they can’t cope with they should get in touch with emergency services.”

In the meantime, Waikato Civil Defence will monitor the situation closely in case it needs to become involved.