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Published: 2012-04-17 00:00:00

A heavy vehicle road safety campaign recognising legendary Waikato trucks has been launched in the Waikato today.

Drivers are being invited to take a step back in time with a special edition collector’s card series featuring Waikato trucks. Each card also has a unique road safety message aimed at truckies and special prizes will be on offer to those who collect all 10 in the series between now and October.

The campaign is led by the Waikato Regional Road Safety Education Group, responsible for the recent ‘Keep it 10 below’ and ‘Give Me 5’ campaigns for truck drivers in the region.

Campaign coordinator Monique Haines, of Waikato Regional Council, said the ‘Waikato truck legends’ campaign was the result of close collaboration between truck drivers, operators, regulators and road safety educators.

“What became very clear, very quickly was the passion that truck drivers have for their work and especially for their vehicles. We listened to their stories and the ‘Waikato Truck Legends’ campaign was born,” Mrs Haines said.

‘Waikato Truck Legends’ pays homage to the operators in the industry who are already demonstrating good road safety practice, while also reminding those who aren’t of some of the key safety fundamentals. 

“We’re fortunate here in the Waikato to have a fantastic group of people working in the industry and many of the best trucks in the business come from our region. The trucks photographed for the card series are considered to be Waikato’s most awesome by the people in the heavy vehicle industry, who helped to choose them,” she said.

Darrin Murcott, one of the truck drivers whose photographs feature on the cards, said: “There are a lot of operators out there doing a really good job. When you’ve been in the industry a long time there’s a good chance you’ll be involved in a crash at some point. Many of us have been there and it can be horrific.

“It’s great to see this campaign recognises the positive work that is happening in the industry and the effort many operators are putting into safety. It also highlights the importance of safety to those guys who aren’t doing too well.

“This campaign brings operators, drivers and regulators together to re-enforce some of the key safety principles that are so important to our business – while also appreciating the passion that we all share for the vehicles, the job and life on the road,” Mr Murcott said.

The first card in the series features a Kenworth Aerodyne K108 from Trans Taupo Ltd. Today it is available from Waikato Police Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit and Waikato Regional Education Group staff at selected locations in the Waikato region.

A further nine cards will be released over the next six months to truck drivers in the Waikato region, with only 750 of each printed.

“Each card in the series can also be ordered through our website,, but we urge truck drivers to get in quick if they want to be sure of collecting the whole series,” Mrs Haines said.

The Waikato Regional Road Safety Education Group is led by Waikato Regional Council, working with other regional safety stakeholders including the NZ Transport Agency, NZ Police, ACC and councils.

For more information on the ‘Waikato Truck Legends’ series visit