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Published: 2017-03-11 11:00:00


Waikato Regional Council is keeping a close eye on river systems and flood protection assets after heavy rain overnight on the Coromandel and across the wider region, with potential for more to come over the weekend.

Up to 140 millimetres fell on the Coromandel during the night.

“Checks this morning on the Coromandel show flood protection assets, such as stopbanks and pumps, have generally performed well in coping with the deluge and minimising disruption,” says regional flood coordinator Gareth Langdon.

“The Kauaeranga River flood spillway operated over state highway 25 just south of Thames for a time overnight but the river’s level has since receded.

“A number of flood pumps in the Hauraki area have come under heavy pressure due to electricity supply problems and have required maintenance but this has or is being sorted out as quickly as possible.”

For the time being, river levels in the region generally aren’t a major cause for worry but are being tightly monitored due to the extra rain being forecast.

“The regional council’s flood management team will alert agencies and the general public if conditions give cause for concern,” said Mr Langdon.

Meanwhile, Mr Langdon reminded the public that there was particular potential for any blocked waterways and drains to result in extra surface flooding or sudden surges of water being released if blockages cleared naturally.

“We urge people to take extra care around waterways and drains generally at this time.”