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Published: 2016-11-14 09:00:00

Issued by Waikato Civil Defence at 3.15pm

Waikato Civil Defence Group is urging the region’s communities to remain vigilant overnight given the risk of ongoing aftershocks from last night’s quakes centred in the South Island.

“People need to be ready to act if we get another severe jolt,” said Waikato group controller Lee Hazlewood.

“Remember to drop, cover and hold if you feel a big shake. People in coastal communities should head for higher ground if they feel a long or strong earthquake. We’ll also update people if a formal evacuation directive is issued after tsunami risk advice from the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management.”

Mr Hazlewood said that apart from issues with Raglan’s water supply no regional infrastructure concerns had been reported to Waikato civil defence.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely and provide advice to the public as required. We’ll also look to support colleagues in the south of the country if needed.”

Waikato District Council has advised that, following a strong aftershock this afternoon, the Raglan water supply has been affected once more. The spring that supplies the water to the treatment plant is discoloured again so this will delay the water supply being turned back on.

The district council is asking Raglan residents to boil their water as a precaution. They also need to continue conserving water.

If disruption to the spring continues, there is a real risk of running out of water in Raglan. If this happens, the district council will need to continue using tankers to transport water to fill the reservoir so it’s important that people only use water for drinking.

Stay up to date with the Raglan situation at and Waikato District's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the ministry has this afternoon cancelled the tsunami warning in place for Wellington to Banks Peninsula.

It says that, based on all available data, the tsunami threat has now passed. However, as of 3pm today, it said coasts may still experience unusual, strong currents and sea level fluctuations lasting for several more hours. People are advised to stay vigilant in and around coastal waters.