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Published: 2012-06-09 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council is seeking public help to identify who is responsible for the oil in Hamilton city’s stormwater system, which discharged into the Waikato River earlier today.

A member of the public contacted the regional council shortly before 10.30am after seeing what appeared to be a large amount of oil discharging from a stormwater outlet into the river near Claudelands Bridge.

Hamilton City Council staff have tracked the source of the oil to a stormwater sump in Worley Place in the city’s CBD.

A Waikato Regional Council-led investigation is now underway to determine who is responsible for the discharge of oil into the stormwater system.

Regional council staff on the river to assess the extent of the spill say oil is no longer discharging from the stormwater outlet.

Hamilton City Council staff are in the process of sucking the remainder from the stormwater system.

Members of the public with information about how the oil may have entered the stormwater sump in Worley Place are urged to contact Waikato Regional Council on 0800 800 401.