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Published: 2001-06-14 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has had to cancel its university bus service, the Ubus.

The service ends at the end of June following the withdrawal of a university funding. The university had previously provided subsidised the service with $8000 a year towards its operation, out of a total cost of $18,611.

Environment Waikato land transport manager Bevan Clement said while it was regretted that the service had to be withdrawn, with the withdrawal of the university subsidy the Council was not in a position to fully fund the bus service. The Council was subsidising the service by about $1.70 per trip, while other city services are subsidised by an average of 84 cents a trip. The cost of the service without the university subsidy would amount to $2.40 a trip.

In the past year 3900 students used the service to travel to and from the university, averaging 26 people a day.

The Council is looking at other options to provide a bus service to the same area covered by the Ubus. This included extending existing routes into the area.

Land Transport Committee chairman Morris McFall said where services were not adequately patronised the Council must look at more cost effective alternatives to maintain and improve the overall efficiencies of the passenger transport services it provided.