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Published: 2013-11-01 00:00:00

TV TakeBack has started in the Waikato region, ahead of the switchover to digital television on 1 December.

People can take advantage of a Government subsidy and drop off old TVs for no more than $5 at locations around the region. It’s free to drop off TVs in some districts, with district councils covering the $5 charge. 

Details on where and when people can drop off their old TVs are available at The TV TakeBack programme covers a limited number of TVs, so it’s advisable to check the website before drop off. 

Waikato Regional Council waste minimisation facilitator Marianna Tyler said: “Televisions contain harmful materials such as lead, mercury and phosphorus, which need to stay out of our landfills. TV TakeBack means your TV won’t contaminate our precious land or water by going to landfill.” 

Jon Thornhill from RCN e-Cycle, one of the programme’s recycling partners, said: “Your TV will be safely recycled, and the material from it can be used in a number of ways, here in New Zealand and overseas.”

Components (like copper and steel) can be recycled locally, or sent overseas to specialist recycling facilities. Metals such as steel can be melted down and used in new items for the construction or agricultural industries. Precious metals like gold can be recovered for use in new electronic appliances.

Glass can be remanufactured overseas into new televisions or monitors, used for sand blasting or in industrial processes. 

TV TakeBack is a partnership between central and local government, retailers and recyclers.