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Published: 2010-02-28 00:00:00

Strong currents and unusual tidal effects are expected to continue on the east coast of the Waikato region for the next 15 hours. The Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group is still urging people to exercise caution in harbours and coastal areas and stay out of the water.

The Group is monitoring the situation, which has been downgraded from a tsunami warning to an ‘advisory’ level by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management.

Group controller Scott Fowlds said there is a likelihood of higher waves on the region’s east coast around the time of high tide this evening, but that this should not threaten coastal properties. There may also be some small but observable changes in sea level on the west coast of the Waikato region.

People in coastal areas should continue to:

  • Be observant of any unexpected currents
  • Be aware that boats are generally safer in water deeper than 30 metres, than if closer to shore.  Unpredictable waves and currents will continue for up to 12 hours and boaties need to take care launching and coming in.
  • Listen to the radio or TV for updates
  • Share this information with family, neighbours and friends
  • Follow the instructions of local Civil Defence.

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