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Published: 2002-09-25 00:00:00

Transport Minister Paul Swain meets with Environment Waikato tomorrow to discuss transport issues in the Region.

The Minister is in Hamilton on Thursday as part of a trip through the country learning about regional roading and transport issues.

Amongst the Waikato issues to be raised with the Minister are the importance of completing the State Highway 1 Expressway by 2010 and other major projects, such as State Highway 2 four laning, the replacement of Kopu Bridge, east Taupo’s arterial route and passing lanes on State Highway 5.

Rail transport, barging, the Region’s road safety strategy and the national approach to including cycling and pedestrians in transport planning will also be raised. The Waikato has specific transport issues arising from the forestry, dairy and aggregate industries, tourism, stock trucks and waste transport.

There will also be discussion on the increased use of passenger transport in Hamilton, new transport legislation, including the national Land Transport Strategy, and the Land Transport Management Bill, Environment Waikato Chairman Neil Clarke said.

“We support the more strategic, flexible approach the Government is taking in land transport issues and we look forward to working with the Minister. The Region has a number of significant land transport issues and we need to continue to work with Central Government. We have a Mayoral Task Group that is working well together on these issues.”