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Published: 2006-06-22 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is aware of water supply issues affecting about 40 Te Puru residents and is working to help resolve the problem.

The regional council became involved in the issue after it began erosion control work on the Te Puru Stream about two weeks ago.

Council staff members were aware there was a water supply pipe in the area they were digging, and this pipe was uncovered while the work was taking place.

“We didn’t break the pipe, but we exposed it,” said Environment Waikato project engineer Roger Spooner.

“The pipe was in very poor condition, so we approached the owners of the water supply – the Te Aputu Water Supply Society – and asked if they would like to replace it before we covered it back up. They then took the opportunity to replace the exposed section.

“Unfortunately, the water line relies on a siphon and the siphon hasn’t been able to be restarted since the new section of pipe was installed.

“We don’t know exactly where the problem is at this stage. We are not aware that we have broken the line, but it’s possible the pipe could have been fractured underground by heavy truck movement.”

Environment Waikato is working closely with the water supply society to find a solution to the problem.

The erosion protection works, part of the flood mitigation project for Te Puru, have been completed.