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Published: 2004-09-30 00:00:00

The number of bovine Tb infected herds is a third of the number of infected herds five years ago, Environment Waikato’s Annual Report says.

Intensive possum control work has reduced the number of infected herds in Tb risk areas from 43 in 1999 to only 14 in the last year – less than the 1.2 percent target. The Waikato’s Tb risk area has 1384 herds, with 12,871 herds in the Tb free area – below 0.2 percent infected herds.

Particularly good results were achieved in the Hauturu/Honikiwi community possum control scheme operation completed in May, with 2.88 percent residual trap catch achieved.

Work to control aquatic alligator weed was severely hampered by summer floods and poor weather which restricted the use of air boats to access the delta sites. However, new infestations were found at three sites around Hamilton and dealt with, and a surveillance programme was developed with iwi.

Weather also hampered chemical control work on climbing spindleberry infestations in Taupo. Excellent results were achieved in controlling spartina on the coast with DoC.