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Published: 2003-12-22 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is providing $15,000 towards the Te Ngahere Kaitiakitanga Trust to develop education programmes promoting sustainable native forest management.

The Trust was established last year from an informal group of concerned shareholders to look at public trespassers and damage to land within Kokako Ngahere. The group had now turned to progressing environmental initiatives, such as pest control, eco-tourism and water quality in consultation with the shareholders.

The area is one of Environment Waikato’s top key ecological sites, for which it provides assistance with pest control.

The project is aimed at protecting the biodiversity values of the native forest and raising environmental awareness through education to shareholders, hapu, whanau and community visitors about biodiversity values and sustainable management of the forest. The trust plans to host environmental groups, schools, kohanga reo, kura kapapa and enviroschools on the site.

Strategic Development Manager Kevin Collins said the project was designed to protect one of the most ecologically significant areas of the Region.