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Published: 2016-02-25 00:00:00

A Waikato University student with a passion for supporting freshwater and soil quality has won this year’s Waikato Regional Council water science prize.

Claire Eyberg, a former Thames High School pupil who now lives in Hamilton, was acknowledged at the council’s meeting today. Her prize was $1000 worth of book vouchers.

The prize is awarded annually to a student enrolled at the university who has shown outstanding ability in Faculty of Science and Engineering Level III courses dealing with water in the natural environment.

Claire, a part-time student who currently works for water company Veolia, became increasingly interested in environmental issues and decided to begin studying environmental science, specialising in freshwater and terrestrial systems.

She is most passionate about water and soil quality, ecological health, and the human impacts on these, especially from industry and agriculture. She hopes to have a career involved in assessing and mitigating such impacts.

With the support of Veolia she has been studying since 2013 and will be finishing her degree in June this year.