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Published: 2011-11-25 00:00:00

A section of Tasman Rd will be closed shortly for construction of the Waikato Expressway, resulting in route changes to the Orbiter and Nawton BUSIT! services.

It is expected that the road closure will take effect from 19 December and will remain in place for a number of months while construction work is carried out on the expressway.

From 12 December there will be changes to the Orbiter and 9 Nawton bus services.

The Orbiter (clockwise) will turn off Avalon Drive into Foreman Road, then along Tasman Road to Te Kowhai Road and to The Base. The anti-clockwise service will follow the same route, but in reverse. Please cross Avalon Drive at the new lights using the pedestrian refuge.

The 9 Nawton bus service from Rotokauri Road will still terminate in Foreman Road outside the Waikato Times/Hamilton Press offices. However, the bus will first travel an extended route along Tasman Road, stopping in Te Kowhai Road before returning to Foreman Road.

Due to the additional operating costs caused by the construction work diversion there will be less buses to Foreman Road, meaning that some customers may have to connect with the Orbiter to make their journey.

Details of the changes will be advertised on buses, through the website and page. Updated, new-look timetables will also be available at the Transport Centre in Bryce Street for the 9 Nawton bus service.

Waikato Regional Council public transport manager Edwin Swaris said: “Extensive planning had been undertaken to minimise the impact of the road closure on bus passengers. The council is working with several agencies which form the Te Rapa Alliance with the aim of minimising the impacts on public transport due to the construction.”