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Published: 2012-07-04 00:00:00

Cambridge bus passengers will have an additional two stops in the town centre due to route changes taking effect later this month.

From Monday 16 July, the bus will follow a new route through Cambridge town centre, via Victoria, Alpha, Anzac and Duke streets, before continuing to Leamington.

The bus stop on Victoria Street, near Commerce Street, will no longer be served. Instead, passengers will be able to use new stops built by Waipa District Council on Anzac Street and by the Town Hall.

Meanwhile, in Leamington the terminus will move from Cook Street to Shakespeare Street, outside the medical centre.

The changes have been made following feedback to Waipa District Council from the Cambridge community.

Fares remain unchanged.

Waikato Regional Council public transport operations manager Edwin Swaris said moving the terminus in Leamington would provide shelter and improve safety for passengers.

“It also means the Leamington loop will be completed at both the end of the Hamilton to Leamington journey, as well as at the start of the return journey.”

There are also some minor changes to the departure times from Cambridge on weekends and public holidays, cutting the bus waiting time in Cambridge. These changes are:

  • 7.30am service from Leamington will leave Cambridge at 7.40am, not 7.45am as in current timetable
  • 10.30am service from Leamington will leave Cambridge at 10.40am, not 10.45am as in current timetable
  • 3.10pm service from Leamington will leave Cambridge at 3.20pm, not 3.25pm as in current timetable.

The changes are being advertised on the buses and on

Newly designed printed timetables will be available on the bus and at the transport centre from next week, as well as in district council offices and the library.

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