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Published: 2004-04-22 00:00:00

Environment Waikato is planning river management and pest control work around the King Country in its Long-Term Council Community Plan, now open for submissions.

Included in the river work for the coming year is stage two of willow clearing in the Turitea Stream and stabilisation work in the Waipa River upstream of Otorohanga and upstream of the Toa Bridge.

Soil conservation work is also planned on farms and under the Waitomo soil conservation scheme. The seawall is now complete at Aotea harbour to protect the area from coastal erosion, and longer-term beach care issues will be addressed in the coming year.

Environment Waikato will also be investigating the capacity of the Mangaokewa stream channel and working on west coast river and catchment management issues. Flood warning arrangements with the local councils will also be reconfirmed, following February’s flooding.

Plans for Otorohanga include follow up work to control privet and pampas and maintenance of the Hauturu-Honikiwi possum control scheme. Landowners in the Arohena area will be canvassed to see if they want to start a community possum control scheme now that vector control has finished in the area.

The Council says bovine Tb control has been working well, with Ngaroma having only one infected herd and the Rangitoto buffer area reduced to 6,400 hectares. The Waipa Puniu area now has a community possum control scheme and the Council is working on ensuring road verges are kept weed free.

In Waitomo, a community privet control programme is working well, with direct control for old man’s beard, climbing spindleberry and white bryony. Tb control is making good progress, with no infected herds and the Waitomo vector risk area reducing over the next three years.

The Long-Term Council Community Plan is open for public submissions until Friday, May 14. It can be viewed on Environment Waikato’s website, or copies can be obtained from Environment Waikato's Freephone 0800 800 401.