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Published: 2004-08-20 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has a reward for Hamilton residents who have disposed of plant pests.

City residents who have received notification in the last 18 months from Environment Waikato Plant Pest Officers to remove plant pests from their garden – and who did the job promptly – will be given native plants to replace the weeds.

The project is supported by TV One and aims to encourage people to plant more native plants in the city. A thousand plants will be given away, and to ensure they get planted, residents will be given a coupon to redeem. The plants will then be delivered to them by Environment Waikato.

The plants are from community nurseries so that they are eco-sourced – grown in the Waikato – which will help them flourish in their new environment. Environment Waikato Biosecurity Business Manager Garth Woodward said the project would also benefit the community nurseries growing the plants, and ensure that more native plants were planted in the city.

Native plants attract native birds such as tui and fantails.

“It’s an opportunity to reward people for the effort they’ve made to help us manage undesirable plants. It also helps increase the number of native plants in the city and provides habitat to attract birds to suburban gardens.

“This is a great initiative by TV One to promote New Zealand’s native plants.”