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Published: 2002-12-06 00:00:00

A former London bus conductor and a Hamilton mother have won prizes for helping Environment Waikato find out what people think about the city’s bus services.

The Council sent a questionnaire to 2500 randomly selected households throughout Hamilton, and conducted surveys on buses over several weeks. The surveys asked what people thought about bus services, whether they use them to get to work or school, why they support bus services or why not, how they should be funded and other issues such as frequency, cost, comfort and alternatives.

More than 800 responses were received, and the majority indicated considerable support for bus services in the city.

As an incentive the Council offered $100 worth of bus fare vouchers or a $100 voucher for a Metropolis Caffe meal. The bus swipe cards were won by Glenview couple Mr and Mrs A.H. Rolfe, and the meal by Tina Cooze of Nawton, who uses buses regularly to travel with her children.

The prizes were presented by Regional Land Transport Committee chairman David Peart.

Cr Peart said the survey helped identify possible changes and improvements as part of the review of Passenger Transport Plan. The survey results have been discussed with key stakeholders such as bus operators, user groups, councillors and Transit and will now be used to form a draft review of the Passenger Transport Plan This will be available for final consultation in March next year, with an operative Plan by June.