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Published: 2001-02-13 00:00:00

Environment Waikato has lifted the ban all non-essential water use in the Waihou River area after yesterday’s rain – but the weather will be watched closely for the next few weeks.

Sufficient rain fell in the catchment yesterday to lift the flow in the Waihou and more rain is forecast for Sunday. The ban was put in place two weeks ago with water use restricted to domestic and stock watering. The river was in a once-in-10-years low flow state, and the lack of water came about a month earlier than expected for summer flows.

The ban affected about 30 farms in the Tirau, Putaruru, Okoroire, Te Aroha and Paeroa areas which have water use permits.

Resource Use Group Manager Harry Wilson said irrigators would be advised by phone, letter and through newspaper advertisements that the ban was lifted. However, the situation was being watched very closely and if levels fell again it was likely that the ban would be reinstated.

“We have welcomed the responsible attitude of irrigators in complying with the restrictions,” he said.

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